KanPas Ranger/Military Compass - Closeout

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Take advantage of our goof ... when we ordered these compasses, we somehow missed that the outer dial has milliradians and that the inner dial has units in degrees.  We thought it was the opposite.  Thus, these compasses are for those people more advanced and know how to use milliradians (kudos to you that do know!).  You can still read the inner dial and use the degree units - it is just not a good starter compass for those new to the sport.

A versatile compass for all your adventure racing and orienteering needs.  This is a traditional baseplate orienteering compass with a built-in magnifier.  The dial has units of both degrees and milliradians (mils or radians) so it is useful in a variety of settings.  There are a variety of scales on the baseplate, the dials are luminous,  and the lanyard is adjustable.


  • Northern hemisphere version
  • Degree dial
  • Luminous dial
  • Scales on the baseplate:
    • 1:15k
    • 1:25k
    • 1:40K
    • 1:50k
    • 1:63.36k
  • 2” ruler on one side and 9cm ruler on other side
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