It is all in the name:  ADventure - ENdurance


We created Aden Gear to offer a curated selection of products to the adventure racing and endurance sports community.

But first, it started with a map board! 

Principal owner David was starting out in adventure racing (“AR”) and was looking to “gear up.”  After searching all the AR forums, online gear suppliers, and other AR-related pages, it appeared that the two main options for a map board were to (1) order something from overseas or (2) order from a supplier based in the US, but for which their website continuously showed no inventory.  There has got to be a better way!  The seed for an AR gear store was planted in David’s mind at that point.

In discussing this map board dilemma with Jason from team Bend Racing, it was revealed that Jason also had dreams of an AR gear store.  He and his team frequently ran into similar issues of obtaining niche AR items and also just getting reliable basic gear that was affordable.  A few discussions and beers later … Aden Gear was born.

Fast forward to today, and the Aden Gear team has been developing some custom-tailored items for AR based on years of practical experience.  Also, we have been sourcing and testing every product we can find that will meet the needs of the community.  The goal is to bring a full suite of products that will be useful for all levels of skill and experience. 

Truth be told … this is all still a work in progress.  We have been establishing relationships with suppliers (which is a challenge in itself when your company is small and ordering in small quantities) and we hope to expand our offerings as finances allow.  But through it all, we do promise to try and make getting adventure gear more accessible and affordable for everyone. 

And in addition to the gear itself - we hope to be a resource for gear knowledge, DIY AR solutions, and tips and tricks suitable for both expert and beginner racers.  We still have a long way to go - but we’ve learned that teamwork and taking steps in the right direction (no matter how fast) will get us there.  We invite you to be part of our journey.