4-Hour Fuel

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Optimize your performance with 4-Hour Fuel, a "race proven" mix of easy-to-digest complex carbs, plant-based protein, and extra BCAAs (branched-chained amino acids).  With the added benefits of electrolytes and natural fruit sugars, this gluten and dairy-free fuel is perfect for adventure racing and other endurance sports.

Aden Gear is an official reseller of 4-Hour Fuel, but we will only be carrying limited flavors and quantities at this time.  Products bought on our site will be subject to our shipping policies and pricing.  Feel free to visit our friends at 4-Hour Fuel to see what they have available from their store.

The new Naked flavor is available for you to mix in your own flavor profile.  See full instructions HERE.

New flavor:  Horchata!


  • Each bag contains 3 servings (i.e. 12 hours of fuel)
  • Shake your bottle before each sip
  • This is NOT designed to hydrate you - drink your normal water for that
  • Bike bottles (500-750ml) are best
  • DO NOT put into Camelbacks  (or similar) ... very difficult to clean out from sipping tubes

Mixing (1 serving = 1.5 cups of 4HF + 500ml water)

At Home:  Use a blender, frothing wand, or just bottle shaking

In the Field:  Start with 1/4 bottle of water, add 4HF (1.5 cups), then top off with water (so you have about 500 ml of water in total).  SHAKE like a mofo and then, if desired, top off with any water to dilute to your preference.