AR Survival Bivvy

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This is a custom-made Tyvek bivvy bag based on our experience in the field.  We have tried many bivvies and found them lacking for a team sport like adventure racing.  So we made our own!  This bag is windproof and water resistant with a reflective layer that can be turned inside if needed for additional heat reflection (not necessary under most conditions).  It is also breathable so that condensation won't build up on the inside.


This is the ONLY bivvy bag that we know of that has a separating zipper, which allows you to combine two bivvy bags into a single large bag.  Why you ask ... because actual race conditions sometimes results in one team member having hypothermia and the best treatment/rescue protocol is to use combined body warmth from other team members to help the afflicted team member.  With two bags combined, you can fit 3 or even 4 members into the bag for combined warmth.

The added benefit of a separating zipper is that the bag can also be spread out flat to use as a ground cloth to help keep yourself, your team, and your gear clean and off the ground.


  • Single bag approximate dimensions:  29" x 84"
  • Double bag approximate dimensions:  58" x 84"
  • 1 Bag + case = 8.4 oz.
  • Highly recommend that teams practice combining bags prior to using in an event.  A stressful emergency is not the ideal time to try and figure out how the zippers and combining work.