Emergency Strobe Light

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An Emergency Strobe Light is a must-have for any water adventures. This lightweight and compact light meets SOLAS standards and is easily activated by hand.  Keep yourself safe and visible in emergencies with this essential piece of equipment.


  •  Meets Adventure Racing World Series criteria with:
    • Flashing white light with 360-degree visibility
    • Waterproof to 1meter or greater
    • Rated for visibility beyond 1.9km
    • Charged battery
    • Normal flash rate 60 / minute
  • Comes with no packaging or instructions
    • Unscrew and insert 1 AA battery - you're ready!
    • (Battery not included)


** WHY TO BUY **

Admittedly, this product is a bit wider than the standard ACR emergency strobe that most US racers buy. But this item has several key benefits that won us over:

- It only takes one (1) AA battery. Most others take at least two.
- The on-off button is recessed on the bottom, which helps to eliminate accidental turning on. Others typically have a body twist activation method, which causes them to frequently get turned on in your bag when they rub against stuff.
- Although a bit wider, it is still very lightweight and with only 1 battery needed, it actually will be lighter than most others. With 1 battery, it weighs 3.2 oz.