Full Finger Racing Gloves

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We went through a lot of glove samples to find a pair that met our criteria - and these are it.  They are made from synthetic leather and spandex, are windproof, touchscreen compatible, and have just enough padding to be comfortable for biking.  Our two main criteria were that the gloves must be very abrasion resistant (for running around in the brush) and that they dry out quickly after getting wet.  These gloves excel at both!  If you are looking for a glove to put on at the start of your race and then just focus on your race no matter what the activity is (bike, paddle, hike, or ropes) then these gloves are for you.


  • For sizing, charts tend to be a bit misleading.  Keep it simple as follows:
    • XL = bigger hands
    • L = hands that are not bigger or medium
    • M = medium'ish hands
    • * if you generally wear a size S then these gloves may not work
  • All gloves are blue & black as seen in the pictures