Highlighter Pen Bundle

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We have found that whiteboard markers work well on waterproof maps so we put together a collection of colors that can be used to highlight your planned route.  The 3 highlighter colors (orange, purple, green) have a chisel tip for tracing.  The black marker has a regular tip for writing notes.

We can't guarantee that they will not bleed on every variety of waterproof paper that are used in various races, but these markers have tested well on the majority that we have tried them on.  For most of the papers, the lines made by these markers remain even when the paper gets wet.

This bundle is designed to keep all the pens handy as one unit, but realistically you may want to just remove the pen colors you prefer and keep them accessible in your bag individually.


  • Each pen is 3.5" long
  • Carabiner color is random