Maax Caffeine Gum

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YES - we are an official retailer for Maax Caffeine Gum!  A whopping 125mg of caffeine in every piece.  That should keep even the most tired racer going.

Another secret of one of the top professional AR teams.  With Maax Caffeine Gum, you can get a fast and direct boost of energy without the jitters or crash. The caffeine, expertly formulated in a gum form, is absorbed directly into your system, bypassing the stomach for quicker results.  Enjoy a convenient and effective way to stay alert and focused throughout your race.


  • QUICK AND EFFICIENT BOOST – The buccal absorption (i.e. in the mouth) allows for the caffeine to take effects quicker than energy drinks or coffee. This convenient gum form allows you to quickly get your caffeine fix without having to carry around a hot cup of coffee or a large energy drink can.
  • GREAT BREATH – Your breath is probably bad enough during an adventure race (at least that is what your honest teammates are thinking!) ... then get another perk with these refreshing flavors.
  • x2 piece BAGGIES ... Aden Gear may be the only retailer selling sample baggies.  Not ready to commit, then get a baggie.  A baggie order by itself is not eligible for free shipping.  Contact us if you want a baggie as your only order item.  Baggies can be added to an order containing other products from Aden Gear.