Sport Sunglasses - Polarized and Photochromic

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Pro Tip - don't wear your expensive sunglasses at events where there is a high chance of losing or damaging them!

These tough sport sunglasses offer racers durable and inexpensive protection that adjusts to changing lighting conditions with photochromic technology. 

Adventure racing and biking events require the racer to face changing light conditions throughout the race, so have a lens that automatically adjust from clear (in low light conditions) to dark (in high light conditions) is super helpful.  These sunglasses are also polarized and UV400 rated.  They have an adjustable nose bracket to fit a wide variety of faces and there is a built-in clip for those who have prescription lens inserts.

The choice is yours ... wear your expensive, fashionable sunglasses and watch them get scratched or lost on hour 3 of your race, or stock up on these glasses and just get on with your race!


  •  Unisex sizing
  • Comes with a carrying case