TPU Patch Kit

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These patches are from the same supplier as our TPU tubes, but they should be compatible with most other TPU tubes.  This is a glue patch kit, not the self-sticking patches.  There are no instructions included in the kit, so please follow the following directions:

  • Identify your puncture and clean around it with the alcohol pad
  • Apply a small amount of the special TPU glue around the puncture area where the patch will go
  • Wait 1 minute before applying the patch
  • Apply the patch, then press it for 1 minute
  • Allow time for patch to bond.  Technically, the safe time is 30 minutes.  However, that may be unrealistic in a race situation, so use your best judgement.  Remember, your alternative is a self-sticking patch that is supposed to instantly bond, but for which the internet is full of real-world stories about costly failures of those patches.  It is your race - choose wisely.
  • Another alternative ... just carry more of our TPU tubes for spares!


  • Patches are blue in color matching our TPU tubes
  • PRO TIP:  Realistically, making a patch of any kind during a race is not a good situation.  You are better off carrying new lightweight TPU tubes and then dealing with patching when you are back home.