Wool Split Toe Socks

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A mid-length, unisex, wool-blend split-toe sock perfect for adventure racing at all levels.  The wool keeps your feet warm and comfy, and it is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and suitable for all seasons.  It is a thin sock, so it is great for those who want less interference between the foot and shoe, and it is also great as a liner sock for more rugged hiking or cold weather outings.

Material composition is:

  • Wool 45%
  • Viscose 35%
  • Cotton 13%
  • Polyester fiber 7%

Why Choose Split Toe socks?

  • Split toe design prevents the rubbing between toes, which reduces blisters.
  • Separate toes will help to improve the sock's moisture absorption, which also helps reduce blistering.
  • Split toe socks can also provide better sensory feedback, which helps you to put your attention on a proper toe "push-off" during a stride.


  •  UNISEX sizing of approximately men's size 6-12
  • Blue in color