Wrist Speaker System

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What does this have to do with racing?  Another pro team secret for expedition races ... a musical pick me up!  Sure, you can bring along a variety of other small musical devices, but we have found the versatility of this wrist speaker system to be perfect for racing.  It can be strapped to your bike, backpack, kayak, or worn on the wrist.  Try doing that quickly or easily with other alternatives.

This speaker takes a micro SD card (also called TF card) (not included - easy to find online elsewhere) so you can preload it with your inspirational racing playlist and when you or the team needs a bit of juice - just turn it on and jam away!

This speaker has a variety of functions (see photos for listing), most of which are not relevant or useful for racing purposes.  In the end, you want this simply to store some music to play on day 3 of your expedition race.


  • It is a darker gray color (looks lighter in all the photos)
  • You have to plan for battery usage.  Once charged, you will probably get 6-8 hours of  play time, so use it wisely (all the better if you can figure out how to recharge at a transition area)
  • It does have FM radio reception, so in theory you could also find stations to listen to, but you will probably be too busy racing to deal with that feature
  • It can also be synced with your phone via Bluetooth, but again, that is pretty useless during a race (if you even have your phone!).
  • You will also probably need a micro SD card adapter to transfer music from your device (phone, computer) to the SD card itself.
  • Unavailable in markets outside the US due to shipping issues.