Squiggly Lines (referral)



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Want to learn how to hike in the woods and not get lost? Or perhaps you want to compete in a local orienteering event? Maybe you aspire to do the 10-day Eco-Challenge race? Squiggly Lines is a full-color book about map and compass navigation with a focus on adventure racing. The book is almost 300 pages and has over 150 example maps and figures and almost 100 navigation exercises.

You will learn:

  • to read and understand topo(graphic) and other maps
  • to use a compass to locate yourself in the wild
  • to take and follow a compass bearing to a particular destination

Plus, Squiggly Lines has some great adventure race stories from around the globe by its author. Reading Squiggly Lines may not prevent you from getting lost, but it will certainly help you find yourself!

  • Table of Contents can be seen at the following link:  TOC